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These activities were designed for Grade 9 students in Hyderabad, India.

Ice-Breaker Activity

Lesson Plan 1: Inter-relatedness between all living organisms on earth, with a focus on humans.

This section highlights the cellular and molecular commonalities between different life forms on earth, and how human life is interlinked with other forms of life.

Lesson Plan 2: Understand the differences between various microorganisms and their interaction with human

This section will focus on identifying differences among the microbial life forms in terms of their size, shape, structure, interactions with humans and effects they have on human life.

Presentation for Ice Breaker, Lessons Plans 1 and 2

Lesson Plan 3: When antibiotics don’t work

This session will help students understand when antibiotics work and when they don’t.

Lesson Plan 4: From bugs to superbugs: How bacteria become resistant to antibiotics

This session will help students appreciate how bugs (bacteria) become superbugs and in the process also devise ways to defeat them.

Lesson Plan 5: Spread of Superbugs

The ability of bacteria to reproduce quickly and exchange bits of DNA enable bacteria to have a high degree of adaptability that creates more and more superbugs. The next two activities demonstrate this.

Presentation for Lesson Plans 3, 4 and 5

Sessions On How Antibiotic Resistance Effects everyone and why it is a Public Health Threat?

How does Antibiotic Resistance Effect me?

Why is Antibiotic Resistance a problem and how do we tackle it?

Homework Ideas

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