Tackling Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): from rhetoric to action

By Dr Ranga Reddy Burri This article was originally published in Public Health Trends Newsletter. Background Antimicrobial resistance is a significant threat to public health. Various organizations and individuals have raised the alarm against this threat, which may take us back to the pre-antibiotic era, nullifying modern medical science gains. The silent pandemic AMR, like … Continue reading Tackling Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): from rhetoric to action

The YELDANDI Prescription for Combating AMR: In conversation with Vijay V. Yeldandi

Infection Disease (ID) specialists play a critical role in tackling global health problems such as tuberculosis and HIV, emerging infections such as Zika virus, COVID or Ebola and the growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance . Vijay Yeldandi is one such ID specialist with more than 25 years of experience in India and USA, specializing in handling infections in people with impaired immunity such as transplant recipients or patients of HIV. He is the Head of Infectious Diseases and Public Health at the non-profit organisation SHARE INDIA and a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Surgery at University of Illinois. He serves as a Faculty at the Center for Global Health, University of Illinois and the Public Health Foundation of India. Having won many awards both for his leadership and for his work in public health, Vijay provides technical help to many hospitals in India on Infection control and patient safety and serves as a technical advisor to NACO, Government of India on HIV Programs. Here, Vijay shares with us his thoughts on strategies to deal with AMR in India.

Farming Sustainably to Fight AMR with G.V.Ramanjaneyulu

Agriculture, on which 70% of the rural households are dependent, accounts for around 22% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of our country. Even though agriculture forms the backbone of our economy, Indian farmers are under a lot of distress due to multiple social, economic and environmental factors which are threatening their livelihood. One of the ways in which farmers protect their crops from diseases is by using antibiotics. This rampant and excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture today is a major driver of AMR. But do farmers have a choice? As a veteran agricultural researcher and an experienced executive director of a non-profit organization, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), G.V. Ramanjeneyulu shares his thoughts on controlling the spread of AMR in agriculture.

Building Evidence to Stop Superbugs with Jyoti Joshi

Jyoti Joshi, Head of South Asia, Center for Disease Dynamics Economics and Policy (CDDEP), is a public health researcher studying drivers of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and has co-authored a critical scoping report on the Antimicrobial Resistance Research Landscape in India. Jyoti has also been closely involved in improving immunization coverage across India including the Mission Indradhanush of the Government of India. In this interview, Jyoti shares important insights on various aspects of AMR to help us understand that solving this crisis would require action at every level of society across the world.