From Surviving AMR to Advocating Action with Pranav Johri 

Pranav Johri is a patient-turned-entrepreneur who founded Vitalis Phage Therapy to help patients with bacterial infections access Phage Therapy. Phage Therapy utilises bacteria-eating viruses called ‘bacteriophages’ that kill infections caused by pathogenic bacteria. In this interview, Pranav shares with us his lived experience with multi-pathogenic antibiotic-resistant infection and how it was treated by Phage Therapy. Pranav tells us how this experience with an untreatable infection and new biomedical intervention was the motivation behind establishing Vitalis Phage Therapy that has provided much-needed support to a large number of patients. Dive into this interview to learn more about his gruelling yet inspiring journey of surviving a deadly infection and how he turned adversity into opportunity.

Saathvik’s ‘Superheroes Against Superbugs’ Story

16 year-old Saathvik Vennelaganti lives in Hyderabad, India. He attended a workshop organised by Superheroes Against Superbugs in 2019. This article was originally published on Stop Superbugs website.  For the longest time, I thought that all diseases could be cured through medical treatments or that at least their symptoms could be suppressed by medicines. I … Continue reading Saathvik’s ‘Superheroes Against Superbugs’ Story